We Have Reached That Age...

I am 23 years old, and I have come to that horrible realization that I have officially reached the age where my grandparents begin to "go". I have been very blessed to be able to say that I grew up with both of my grandparents but about 5 years ago my grandma Julia got Alzheimer's disease. Physically, she was with us for that time; but mentally and emotionally, I lost my grandmother about 4 years ago. It was hard to see my dad hug his own mom and her not recognize him. It was a hard fought battle, but the disease finally won on December 30, 2009.
Just a few weeks ago we discovered that my maternal grandmother has cancer. After all the specialists and doctors she went to, they all told her that the cancer is at its most severe form and there is no cure at this point. I have remained strong through the entire process but this situation is really taking a toll on my mom. I believe my mom was an angel in another life and I love her unconditionally, so that's why it is so hard to see her suffer as much as she is and not be able to do anything about it. Feeling helpless is the worst. I am dreading the day that my parent's time has come.

Make the most of your days. Tell everyone you love, that you love them. We never know when our time has come.

My dad gave me a piece of advice that will always stay with me. He said:
"Everyday you spend sad, is a day you will never get back to be happy" 
Things are hard right now, but it has to get dark in order to see the stars...


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