Clipper Nation's Rise

This season has been an interesting one around the league. The Lakers are the defending champions. The Heat wrangled up Chris Bosh and Lebron James made the “Decision” to join him. Carmelo Anthony went back home to New York to join the newly acquired Amar’e Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups. The defending eastern conference champions, the Boston Celtics, traded away their dominant and intimidating center in a trade that rocked the entire Celtic organization. With all the commotion around the league, why are Clippers tickets beginning to sell out around the country? Yea, that’s right, the Los Angeles Clippers. Clipper Nation has officially christened this season as the "Rise." There are 5 reasons why the Clippers, are now, a must watch team.
  • The Bench - When your bench contains 2010 All Star Chris Kaman, rookies Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu, shooting assassin Randy Foye, and newly acquired jump shooter Jamario Moon, anything is bound to happen. This bench is like a time bomb just waiting to explode. When the game calls for it, these guys are ready to contribute. Isn't that what a good bench is supposed to do?

  •  Deandre Jordan - The guy who most people said wasn't good enough or mature enough to start. Look who's laughing (and dunking) now.

  • Vinny Del Negro - The mentor and guardian of the key to Clippers greatness. He wants to change the way people perceive this team.

  • Eric Gordon - Whenever his name is mentioned now, it will be preceded by "Gold Medalist." The FIBA World Championship was a learning experience and a confidence builder for the young Indiana native. I mean, who wouldn't learn a thing or two playing alongside Kevin Durant? Always improving, Eric has just begun to unlock his true, full potential.

  • Blake Griffin - The young phenom out of Oklahoma who doesn't believe in gravity. He is not just elevating his body to the rim, but elevating a Clippers team to basketball greatness. After missing his rookie season due to a broken knee cap, Griffin is making his mark on the league. Being compared to Tim Duncan in your rookie season really says something about your abilities. But Blake feels he has a lot of growing to do, and he can't wait to see where this Clippers team can go. 
"I want to change the perception, change the culture. You know I want to make it one of those programs that is a winning program (team) every year and not a team that people have to guess about".


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