Update/Photography (09-24-15)

To any of my readers who still read my blog; thank you and I'm sorry. As a victim of my blessed life, I have completely ignored my blog. Originally intended to be an escape for my creative mind and a motivator for anyone who read it, my blog was put on the back burner as life grabbed me by my long curly hair and propelled me into adulthood. I met my wife, moved out of my Pop's house, adopted my wife's two dogs, bought a new car, became financially self-sufficient, got married, accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, joined my church's platform band, became an uncle, and so much more. I used to type all of my entries on my phone or tablet whenever I had down time in between classes or when I had time at home. Now a days, texting a friend back seems like I'm on my phone so much more than I should be. Keeping a consistent and current blog is a job in it of itself.

But life isn't all work. We all need to take the time to really appreciate what makes us happy. I fell victim to my job and building upon my own family and home. It was all I knew for the longest time. I lost sight of what made me who I am. I've slowly been teaching myself to take time and relax as often as I can. I've also been taking it easy on self-criticism. One of the biggest reasons I didn't post much before was because it was such hard work. I used to edit the heck out of my entries. All of them took so long to finish because I would write and rewrite them who knows how many times and there are STILL tons of errors. So I want to apologize in advance for all the grammatical errors from now on and moving forward.

Also, I have taken a real interest in photography. I will also post pictures I take with my phone. Let's get one thing straight though, I am in NO way a photographer.  I do not dabble with photography equipment. I do not know ANY kind of photography terminology or techniques. I am just a musician/writer who takes pictures on his BlackBerry. I love using VSCO and have taken some pictures that make me feel a certain way, so I have decided to share them with you guys on here as I take them.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my update! Leave comments below!


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